Sunday, November 18, 2012


I want to say I am sorry to all my readers. I've taken off the past several weeks, just needed a break from writing the blog. It was a combination of being very frustrated in the way the show was going (ie: Frankenstein), and it started feeling way too much like a job. I didn't want to force myself into writing something that my heart was not into. But this week I feel compelled to write again, so here I am!

This week, I am writing more about my thoughts and suspicions about identities, rather than a breakdown of the show.

A while back, in my post Dual Personalities, I mused about how old Baelfire would have been if he hadn't been sent into our world. I based my assumptions on the fact that Rumplestiltskin had already become The Dark One before Cora and Henry were married (and by the way, I suspect she might have put a spell on Henry to get him to marry her), so since Baelfire fell into our world shortly after Rumplestiltskin became The Dark One, many years had passed from the time Bae fell into our world and the time it is now. So many years in fact, that Regina hadn't been born yet, and neither had Snow or any of the other main characters. Obviously, The Dark One doesn't age, so his age is arbitrary. But anyway, if you think about the ages of the characters and where they fall onto the storyline, how old would Bae be now, if he hadn't fallen into our world? I think Bae would have been old by now, and therefore, so would Morraine. I think Granny is actually Morraine. No one ever calls Granny anything other than Granny, so we don't know what her name actually is. Morraine had several brothers who fought in the giant wars and Granny had brothers who fought in the giant wars who were killed at some point by the Wolf. I could be wrong, but these are my suspicions.

We don't really know about how time and space work between Fairy Tale and Storybrooke, but I don't think it's necessarily the same time when you travel between worlds. Or perhaps there are other factors to consider. I wonder about this because if Baelfire fell into our world over 30 years before the Curse was enacted, and the residents of Storybrooke spent 28 years in limbo, Bae would have fallen into our world at least 58 years ago. So I wonder if he fell into another world where time is different (Neverland perhaps?), then transported into our world, or if he came into our world much later than he fell out of Fairy Tale. Yes, I wonder about this stuff, and more often than you might think! Details, details!

I still think that Neal is Baelfire. When we first saw Neal in "Broken," I suspected that he was Bae, and for a long time, I also have thought that Bae was Henry's father. And after the last two episodes, I am even more sure of him being Bae.

Just a small clue was when Emma stole the car. Neal was wearing a brown hoodie, which looks much like the cloak Bae wore as a kid. When August asked Neal if he believed in magic, Neal had a strange look on his face, which I read not as "are you crazy," but more like he did believe but wondered why August was asking that question. When August showed Neal whatever was in the box, Neal believed what August was telling him, without question. The box was the same box which later held the typewriter, but the typewriter might not have been inside when he met Neal. Or it could have been, but also held something else... But what? I suppose at some point we'll discover what August showed Neal, and I know I will wonder until we know. What could August have showed Neal? Was it a page from the storybook? Because Neal believed without question, he has to be from Fairy Tale. He has to be.

When Gold gave Henry the pendant/potion, he said there was no charge since it was for Henry. I've always suspected that Rumplestiltskin knows that Henry is his own grandson. Gold isn't really nice to anyone, but he has seemed, from the beginning, to have a soft spot for Henry. I fully believe that Neal and Baelfire are the same person.

In "Tallahassee," when Aurora and Snow were talking about nightmares and the sleeping curse, Aurora asked Snow if the nightmares ever went away, and Snow said they had, but she looked down, as if she were lying. I think Snow still has nightmares but didn't want to alarm Aurora. I don't suppose they ever do go away.

When Neal gave August the cash, did August keep it? It would seem so, given his history of giving in to temptation. And where is August now anyway? The last we saw of him in Storybrooke was when he began to awaken, and then he was gone. Did he leave Storybrooke? Did he go to find Neal? If he did leave, did he forget his true identity? Since he came to Storybrooke from outside the curse, he might be able to leave. What if he did go to find Neal, and then couldn't remember who he was or where he was going?

When Belle told Ruby that she was "sort of an expert at rehabilitation," what does that mean? Who did she rehabilitate? One would think Mr. Gold, but could it be someone else from her past? Or Belle herself?

I spend way too much time thinking about the whys and wherefores of life in Storybrooke and Fairy Tale.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bad Directions

This season is making  it much more difficult to write about the show. It jumps around and back and forth so much, it's nearly impossible to write in a linear manner. I still love the show, although am not sure if it's moving in the right direction, now that we know Dr. Whale is actually Dr. Frankenstein. If you didn't realize that, see the preview, below.

So, for this week, I'm not going to write a full post. It's already Thursday, and I still haven't managed to get anything written. It's such a different energy than it used to be, the show, I mean. Last season, I couldn't wait to write down my thoughts and theories, but it isn't happening this season.

I may decide to just end my blog all together. We'll see where it goes next week.

Thanks for understanding, and see you in Storybrooke!

Preview of the upcoming episode.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Taking notes and writing about this week's episode isn't as easy as it usually is. It jumped around so much, a small bit here, a small bit there, and while some things did happen, not many grand revelations or surprises.

As I suspected, Cora's presence was not a good thing, and she is looking to get to Storybrooke to get to Regina. What I'm not really sure about is, how did she know that Regina was Henry's adoptive mother? Of course, she might think so since his name is Henry, named after her own husband, but Henry was a common name, so I think she learned of it somewhere else... but where? And if Cora was pushed through the looking glass into another world, how did she end up in Fairy Tale? Did she find a portal? And what will she be able to do with the ashes from the wardrobe? Does it work in a similar way to the way Rumplestiltskin uses water? Or are ashes used for dark magic?

We learned some of Lancelot's story, but his real back story was only hinted at. I believe we will see more of him, and I think he's not really dead, that Cora just said that to put Snow off his trail. We know the Mills women are not always honest, and it wouldn't be the first time one of them hid someone away for future use or torture. I don't think they would endear us to a new character that's already dead. I see a story there.

If Lake Nostos has been dried up since Fairy Tale Past, how does it exist underneath Storybrooke? Remember August drew water from the well and shared it with Emma, then Mr. Gold dropped the vial of potion into the well. How could they have done those things if the lake is gone? August said the well led to an underground lake, and if you drink it, something that was lost will return to you. Perhaps James will learn of the well from August or Mr. Gold, and perhaps the water will help to return Emma and Snow to Storybrooke.

Leave it to Henry to discover Regina's vault, and also to notice the marks on the floor showing the coffin must be moved aside to access. If given enough time, perhaps Henry will discover a path between Storybrooke and Fairy Tale through the vault... but since Regina knows that Henry has discovered the vault, will she block it off? Or will Henry remember the passage down in the mine? Or will the dwarfs find a passage in the mines? All possibilities, but still remote that any will be found and realized.

Things I like:
  • Snow and Emma are becoming closer, and Emma is starting to understand why Snow gave her up.
  • James and Henry working together to solve the problem of finding Snow and Emma, and James is teaching Henry how to be the prince he is.

Near the end when snow looked back at the nursery with tears in her eyes, it was so sad, seeing her mourn the loss of what should have been: Caring for her daughter, and loss of what she is missing now: Her husband and grandson. She hasn't had a lot of lasting good in her life, only small moments of happiness, since she lost her mother. And while I don't expect it any time too soon, since Snow and Charming haven't been together as husband and wife for over 28 years, they are both still young, and it's entirely possible that they will have another child at some point.

At least Jefferson finally revealed himself to Grace. Now they can go forward as a family.

Oh no, King George... I don't see how that can be good. But we'll see.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dual Personalities

This season, "Once Upon A Time" has really changed direction, in my opinion. Given what happened at the end of last season, with the curse breaking, and Rumplestiltskin bringing magic to Storybrooke, change is inevitable. I realize it's in transition, still giving explanation of what happened and what it means, but it's a different show in many ways. Not that it's a bad thing, but just... different.

One of the major differences is Regina. In season one, she was pretty straight-forward: She wanted control and would do whatever she could to get her way, even if she had to kill people to get it. In "We Are Both," we are seeing a different side of her. It's almost as if she's possessed, in a way. She's struggling between the innocent young Regina and the hardened, cynical, Evil Queen. She seems to have lost a good deal of her memory of Fairy Tale, or rather, "The Enchanted Forest" as we have now been told it's name. Regina does not remember Jefferson or how she obtained the hat, and she's lost her magic. She's working on getting it back, and has shown some progress toward that, but I think she'll still struggle with Magic for some time.

We saw a child-like sadness in Regina when Henry said he didn't want to be with her. She seemed genuinely upset that he didn't love her back, and seemed desperate to make him love her. And then after he attempted to escape, when James came to see Henry, Regina willingly allowed Henry to go with him. Last season's Regina would never have allowed that. Is this an act of kindness, or does she have something up her sleeve? She did seem sincere, but she is the Evil Queen, and can we really trust her? Just a thought... If the well in which Rumplestiltskin dropped the love potion does indeed bring back something which is lost, did the purple smoke bring back to Regina her youthful spirit? At least in part?

It's hard not to feel sad for Regina. While she has been evil and done atrocious acts, she has really never been free. When she was a child, she was always overshadowed and controlled by her mother, then once she discovered her mother's book of magic and called upon Rumplestiltskin, she was controlled by him, and magic. And while she's given in to temptation and been the Evil Queen, she still only ever wanted one thing: To be loved... Doesn't everyone?

I've noticed lately, Rumplestiltskin has been wearing what appears to be an alligator... or crocodile... coat. Can't help but notice that one, especially since "The Crocodile" is coming up on October 21.

I find it very intriguing that Rumplestiltskin told Regina that they were together again, when she summoned him in Fairy Tale. I've suspected for a while that they had a past together beyond what we've been shown so far. Did Cora do something, make an agreement with Rumplestiltskin over Regina? Did Cora sell Regina's soul to Rumplestiltskin? Or something equally as sinister?

What happened to Pinocchio?

I said last week that I thought it was too simple for the man in the city to end up being Baelfire, but they are leading in that direction. The mysterious man lived in what looked like New York, and Mr. Gold was gathering maps of Maine, Massachusetts and New York when Charming burst into the shop looking for the owner of the hat. I feel sad for Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin. He seemed so close to finding Baelfire, and then they discovered they couldn't cross the line to leave town. Trapped and tormented, wishing for the one thing that could save him: Baelfire. Did you notice Gold had a small case full of bottles, presumably potions to bring back what was lost? He took one out and handed it to Charming.

Not much happened with Snow and Emma this week, but I have questions about what we did see. A big question for me is, was Cora locked in the pit? And if she was, why couldn't she get out? She is, after all, a very powerful woman, magically speaking. Or did she appear there after the fact? Was she expecting Snow to show up? Remember, they do know each other, even if Snow is much older now and doesn't look the same. When she wakes up, will Snow recognize Cora? I am suspect once they realize the identity of each other, Cora will try to go back with, or at least help Snow and Emma get back to Storybrooke, since she will soon know that's where Regina is, and I'm sure she will have plans for her daughter. But I don't think meeting Cora will be a good thing, even if it might seem so at first.

Oh! I forgot something... Just how old is Rumplestiltskin? If he was already the dark one before Cora and Henry got married... And how old would Baelfire have been, if he hadn't been sent out of Fairy Tale, and how old would Morraine be? And do we know who she is in Storybrooke? Could she be one of the witches? Could she be someone we don't know yet... or someone we see nearly every week? It seems that, based on Rumplestiltskin's attire at different points in the show, Baelfire was sent out of Fairy Tale before Regina attempted magic. Rumplestiltskin's clothes change from a peasant's rags to finer fabrics, as his wealth increased. Not sure where the crocodile suit fits in yet, timewise, but he'd been the dark one for some time before Regina sent her mother into the looking glass (and I still can't help but wonder if Cora is the Queen of Hearts). Baelfire would have been at least fourteen years older than Regina, since he was fourteen when Rumplestiltskin became the dark one, and that was before Cora got married and had Regina. So... Morraine is at least that much older than Regina. I don't recall anyone ever using Granny's first name... do you? Just a thought. Oh, and since Baelfire could have been sent through time, just as the Fairy Tale characters could have when they came to Storybrooke, it's possible that Baelfire came to Storybrooke so that he would be an adult now, but not necessarily the same age as Morraine, since she came through at a different time and place. Time is funny stuff in the Fairy Tale world!

Ack, another update...
If Rumplestiltskin was already the Dark One before Cora got married, is it possible that he could actually be Regina's father?

See you next week!

Apology - UPDATED

I just want to apologize for not posting about this week's episode yet. I watch the episodes at least three times before I post, but it's been a crazy week and I just haven't been able to watch the episode again. Well, I did, but was tired and fell asleep a few minutes in. I plan to watch today/Thursday, and will post.

Thanks for understanding!


 I first want to say, thanks for putting up with my slow posting this week. It's been one thing after another, starting with OnDemand (Video on demand), which usually updates at around 2:30am with the latest episode of OUAT, but for some reason, it didn't post until after 5am, and by which time I was too tired to make notes, as I normally do. And it's one of those weeks when my computer wants to run in slow-motion, so everything takes about four times as long as normal.

I have no water in my bathroom sink, the maintenance people don't know what they are doing, and show up with no notice, and still, after ten days and three trips out here, it still isn't fixed. But which means I've had to stay home most days waiting for them to not show up, and which isn't a good time to do my homework (watch the show). Then on Tuesday, I planned to watch the show again and make my notes, but that's the day my friend chose to take me grocery shopping, and that takes over three hours (warehouse store). Plus having paperwork that had to be filled out online for several agencies, and no matter how much I love the show and blog, deadlines are deadlines.

Plus, worst of all, my cat brought a mouse in the other day and I was unaware of it... until the smell of a dead mouse decomposing overtook the apartment, and made it reallllly hard to sleep, eat or concentrate on anything. Thank goodness the mouse was finally found, hiding behind the leg of the couch, which is why it wasn't seen. Given the chance, the mouse will always find the most difficult place to get to, to die. Under the dresser, behind the extremely heavy pull-out couch that I can't move without help, that's where they go to die. I love my cat, but I wish he didn't bring home so many presents for me! About a week ago, he brought in a mouse that was at death's door, was playing with it, flinging the poor thing around the room, and tossed it straight onto my chest, which made me jump up and fling it off, and scream, not in fear, but what do you do when a dying mouse is flung upon you? You scream.

So as you can see, my world is full of crazy surprises. By the way, does anyone know a good SSI attorney in the Reno, Nevada area? Probably not, but always worth a shot to ask. Even a poor SSI attorney... well, no, I've already had one of those. A good one would be better.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Remember to watch "We Are Both" tonight at 8pm/7c.
Barbara Hershey will return tonight as Regina's mother, Cora.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dr. Whale Who?

Wondering about Dr. Whale...

I actually have thought he was a wolf since last season's "Snow Falls." Just the way he was leering at Ruby while on the date with Mary Margaret. But in "Broken," he said James wasn't his prince, so that led many of us to wonder if he was from outside the realm of the traditional fairy tales.

A commenter on the Official Site's Chat suggested that he's the Big Bad Wolf from Red Riding Hood's story (the original wolf?) because in the preview clip for next week's episode, "We Are Both," Whale asks David if it's OK to date the nuns/fairies...

But I am not so sure anymore...

Some people think Whale is actually Peter Pan, and in light of him asking David about the fairies, and the fact that Hook is coming in a couple of weeks, I'm actually leaning toward that theory at the moment. Fairies and Pixies (Tinkerbell) are similar creatures, after all, and Peter has spent way too much time alone with the boys.

The producers said recently that we will learn of Whale's identity before the Holiday hiatus.

I also read someone else's theory on his identity. They think he's Frankenstein. They didn't specify whether he was the doctor or the monster, though. Because the name of the director of the original "Frankenstein" was named Whale, and Dr. Whale led the mob to kill Regina. He put forth an interesting theory, but that goes way beyond the world of fairy tales, so I don't see how it could possibly be true.

I'm open to discussion!

Hook Is Arriving In Storybrooke

Hook won't be leaving Storybrooke any time soon. He's been hired as a series regular, even before he's appeared in an episode.

For full article.

Preview Episode 2.2

Spoiler preview of "We Are Both."

Watch The Latest Episode

I added the video of the season 2 premiere, "Broken," to my page so you all can view it here. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A New Beginning

How do you know when a show is incredible? When you find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat or realize your heart is beating so fast you think it might explode from your chest, because you are so involved in the story. That's where I found myself last night.

I wasn't so pleased toward the beginning of the episode, it all seemed a little too tight, too neatly wrapped up. But about forty minutes in, I realized I wasn't breathing and my heart was racing. Yes, it sucked me in, as it always does.

I wasn't too keen on infusing Mulan into the show, since Mulan isn't a fairy tale character, and lived in an entirely different realm, but I must accept the reality that the producers will invoke many liberties about what happens on the show. I didn't like the dwarfs hatching from eggs, but we have to accept what we cannot change.

The opening of the episode showed a man in a city, and I know many of us are wondering who he is, and how did he get out of Storybrooke? Some of us will surely speculate that he is Baelfire, and part of me wonders if he is, but part of me thinks that's too easy, especially since Baelfire was sent out of Storybrooke long before the curse was enacted, and would have no knowledge of a curse. And who would have contact with him and would have sent him a message? I was looking at his room, seeing what clues might be there, but I didn't see many. On the back wall were two signs/pictures, one looked (to me) like Red Riding Hood, and the other said "Hatter." Next to the window was a picture that looked like a heart with the arteries attached. Are any of these real clues or just red herrings? Maybe I was wrong, the picture isn't Red Riding Hood at all. Maybe it's the Red Queen? In the opening sequence, the "O" looked like a magnifying glass, and twice within the episode, we saw items that it could have been: Rumplestiltskin's magnifying glass, and when Regina looked through her peephole. But I wonder if it is a looking glass and that is the clue itself. Could he be someone from Wonderland?

When Emma, Snow and James were talking about how things are different now and Snow wanted to talk about their relationship, I have to say it was kind of hilarious when a "one night stand" was mentioned and James asked, "What?" and Snow just waves it off, "We were cursed" and continues as if nothing happened.

I have to say, when the Wraith appeared, my first thought was (tongue in cheek), "OMG it's a Dementor!" Yes, I know, wrong story, but it sure looked like one. Maybe it's a cousin. (Warner Bros. made the "Harry Potter" films, and is owned by ABC/Disney, so it's not so far-fetched in that light.) The "pendant" that brought the Wraith, and the mark it leaves, reminded me of the Dark Mark from "Harry Potter," as well. All joking aside, I knew it wasn't going to actually take Regina's soul. She's too big a part of the central storyline, and we need the Evil Queen in order to have a foe for the good people to fight against. I did wonder what it would do to her, though.

When Emma touched Regina and sent magic into the hat (through Regina) to make the hat work, did Emma inadvertently give magic back to Regina? It seemed so when the wall grabbed James. But a big question in my mind is why, when Emma mentioned Jefferson, Regina asked, "Who's Jefferson?" Did the curse alter her memory? Or did the Wraith take part of it? Or is there another explanation?

A lot happened in the last five minutes! My question here is, how does Mulan know what happened? How does she even know about Storybrooke? The more questions that get answered, the more questions we have. Definitely keeps us all coming back for more.

I still wonder who Dr. Whale is. He said to James, "You're not my prince," indicating he's not from their realm. So what realm is he from? In any case, we may find out in episode 2.5, "The Doctor." I've seen lots of speculation on his identity, and he's still a puzzle.

When will we see what happened to August? And will we see Graham at any time other than Fairy Tale Past? I really wish he would come back. I liked him.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Are you as excited as I am about the new season starting tomorrow? It's been a long summer for us all to wonder what magic will do to Storybrooke.

In a preview, Regina is shown to have lost her powers, but I wonder about that. Did she really lose them or is that perhaps a nightmare shown just to tease us?

I wonder what will happen to August/Pinocchio. He's supposed to be a regular character, but will he immediately be released from his wooden state of being?

If you have read the recent articles, read the episode listings on TVGuide,  or seen the previews, you've seen/read enough to give you a taste of what is to come. Sometimes I wonder if I should even watch them, but I can't help myself.

I am planning to watch the season one finale tonight, in preparation and anticipation of the premiere tomorrow night. Remember to watch the retrospective, "Magic Is Coming" at 7pm/6 Central, Sunday, September 30, followed by the season premiere at 8/7c.

The next time you hear from me, it will most likely be following the premiere. Oh, happy Sunday night!!!  :D  Wheeeeee!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Spoiler Interview

New Jennifer Morrison interview. The writer hints that there are spoilers, but I didn't think she gave away too much information. View at your own risk. Small spoilers.
Jennifer Morrison Interview

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Four More Days!

Just four days until the season 2 premiere! I can't wait! And don't forget, "Magic Is Coming," the retrospective airing just prior to the season premiere! (Check local listings for times, just in case it's different where you live.)

Magic Is Coming... Soon!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Season 2 Sneak Peek

Released today: A sneak peek at the season premiere!

I warn you, though, it might reveal more than you want to know. Spoiler alert.

Sneak Peek Spoiler Video

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcome To Heart Of Storybrooke!

For the followers of Once Upon A Time in Cooky's World and new followers of Heart Of Storybrooke, thank you for sticking with me through the transition from the old blog to the new!

For my new followers, I usually post on Tuesdays or Wednesdays following the new episode. I will try to post sooner this year, but I like to view the episodes at least three times before I write about it, to be sure I didn't miss anything important. It's amazing what you miss the first time through! I just enjoy the episode for itself when it first airs and watch it again over the next few days to pick up information and clues.

Until the new season starts, I won't be posting much, but I wanted to get the transition under way.

Remember, the new season starts on Sunday, September 30 at the regular time of 8pm (7pm central time) on ABC.
On Sunday, September 30, we get a special treat to whet our appetites: A special retrospective airing prior to the season premiere, at 7pm (check local listings to be sure of the time in your area).

Hold your breath... Magic is coming!