Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bad Directions

This season is making  it much more difficult to write about the show. It jumps around and back and forth so much, it's nearly impossible to write in a linear manner. I still love the show, although am not sure if it's moving in the right direction, now that we know Dr. Whale is actually Dr. Frankenstein. If you didn't realize that, see the preview, below.

So, for this week, I'm not going to write a full post. It's already Thursday, and I still haven't managed to get anything written. It's such a different energy than it used to be, the show, I mean. Last season, I couldn't wait to write down my thoughts and theories, but it isn't happening this season.

I may decide to just end my blog all together. We'll see where it goes next week.

Thanks for understanding, and see you in Storybrooke!

Preview of the upcoming episode.

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