Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dr. Whale Who?

Wondering about Dr. Whale...

I actually have thought he was a wolf since last season's "Snow Falls." Just the way he was leering at Ruby while on the date with Mary Margaret. But in "Broken," he said James wasn't his prince, so that led many of us to wonder if he was from outside the realm of the traditional fairy tales.

A commenter on the Official Site's Chat suggested that he's the Big Bad Wolf from Red Riding Hood's story (the original wolf?) because in the preview clip for next week's episode, "We Are Both," Whale asks David if it's OK to date the nuns/fairies...

But I am not so sure anymore...

Some people think Whale is actually Peter Pan, and in light of him asking David about the fairies, and the fact that Hook is coming in a couple of weeks, I'm actually leaning toward that theory at the moment. Fairies and Pixies (Tinkerbell) are similar creatures, after all, and Peter has spent way too much time alone with the boys.

The producers said recently that we will learn of Whale's identity before the Holiday hiatus.

I also read someone else's theory on his identity. They think he's Frankenstein. They didn't specify whether he was the doctor or the monster, though. Because the name of the director of the original "Frankenstein" was named Whale, and Dr. Whale led the mob to kill Regina. He put forth an interesting theory, but that goes way beyond the world of fairy tales, so I don't see how it could possibly be true.

I'm open to discussion!


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