Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Taking notes and writing about this week's episode isn't as easy as it usually is. It jumped around so much, a small bit here, a small bit there, and while some things did happen, not many grand revelations or surprises.

As I suspected, Cora's presence was not a good thing, and she is looking to get to Storybrooke to get to Regina. What I'm not really sure about is, how did she know that Regina was Henry's adoptive mother? Of course, she might think so since his name is Henry, named after her own husband, but Henry was a common name, so I think she learned of it somewhere else... but where? And if Cora was pushed through the looking glass into another world, how did she end up in Fairy Tale? Did she find a portal? And what will she be able to do with the ashes from the wardrobe? Does it work in a similar way to the way Rumplestiltskin uses water? Or are ashes used for dark magic?

We learned some of Lancelot's story, but his real back story was only hinted at. I believe we will see more of him, and I think he's not really dead, that Cora just said that to put Snow off his trail. We know the Mills women are not always honest, and it wouldn't be the first time one of them hid someone away for future use or torture. I don't think they would endear us to a new character that's already dead. I see a story there.

If Lake Nostos has been dried up since Fairy Tale Past, how does it exist underneath Storybrooke? Remember August drew water from the well and shared it with Emma, then Mr. Gold dropped the vial of potion into the well. How could they have done those things if the lake is gone? August said the well led to an underground lake, and if you drink it, something that was lost will return to you. Perhaps James will learn of the well from August or Mr. Gold, and perhaps the water will help to return Emma and Snow to Storybrooke.

Leave it to Henry to discover Regina's vault, and also to notice the marks on the floor showing the coffin must be moved aside to access. If given enough time, perhaps Henry will discover a path between Storybrooke and Fairy Tale through the vault... but since Regina knows that Henry has discovered the vault, will she block it off? Or will Henry remember the passage down in the mine? Or will the dwarfs find a passage in the mines? All possibilities, but still remote that any will be found and realized.

Things I like:
  • Snow and Emma are becoming closer, and Emma is starting to understand why Snow gave her up.
  • James and Henry working together to solve the problem of finding Snow and Emma, and James is teaching Henry how to be the prince he is.

Near the end when snow looked back at the nursery with tears in her eyes, it was so sad, seeing her mourn the loss of what should have been: Caring for her daughter, and loss of what she is missing now: Her husband and grandson. She hasn't had a lot of lasting good in her life, only small moments of happiness, since she lost her mother. And while I don't expect it any time too soon, since Snow and Charming haven't been together as husband and wife for over 28 years, they are both still young, and it's entirely possible that they will have another child at some point.

At least Jefferson finally revealed himself to Grace. Now they can go forward as a family.

Oh no, King George... I don't see how that can be good. But we'll see.

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