About this blog:

I am a fan of the TV show, "Once Upon A Time." The official chat for the show is full of posts asking the same questions over and over, and posts that have nothing to do with the show, so I decided to create an UNOFFICIAL blog about the show.

I created my previous blog a few months into the premiere season of the show, but over the summer, I decided I wanted a new, cleaner look, so started this blog. If you are interested in the old blog, you can visit it at: http://onceuponatimecooky.blogspot.com/

I hope people will respond and post, and that we can get a discussion going. There are so many theories about the origins of characters and the Fairy Tale book, and I WELCOME your theories.

I do have some rules, though:
* No swearing.
* No making fun of someone else’s ideas.
* No spamming.
* Generally be considerate and respectful.

I will delete inappropriate comments that violate my rules of conduct, and those that repeatedly ask questions that have already been asked and/or answered. There is a FAQ section, and an Upcoming Episodes list so please don’t ask when the next episode will air. I will post the next episode when I know it.

I hope we can all learn more and enjoy our favorite show together.

I now have a live chat box which is located at the bottom of the screen. As long as everyone is respectful, I will keep this open so we can chat in real time. I am looking forward to chatting with the old followers as well as the new ones! Thanks for sticking with me though the change in venue. I think you'll find it more pleasing to view.

About me:

I am a crafter, amateur artist and writer, living with my two sweet kitty-cats. I love to write and am available to freelance. If you need a writer, I can write about many subjects, but will not write about religion or things that are against my political or moral views.

I welcome your support of my blog through donations, if you are so inclined, since I do not make a living by blogging. Thanks for your support!

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