Thursday, October 11, 2012

Apology - UPDATED

I just want to apologize for not posting about this week's episode yet. I watch the episodes at least three times before I post, but it's been a crazy week and I just haven't been able to watch the episode again. Well, I did, but was tired and fell asleep a few minutes in. I plan to watch today/Thursday, and will post.

Thanks for understanding!


 I first want to say, thanks for putting up with my slow posting this week. It's been one thing after another, starting with OnDemand (Video on demand), which usually updates at around 2:30am with the latest episode of OUAT, but for some reason, it didn't post until after 5am, and by which time I was too tired to make notes, as I normally do. And it's one of those weeks when my computer wants to run in slow-motion, so everything takes about four times as long as normal.

I have no water in my bathroom sink, the maintenance people don't know what they are doing, and show up with no notice, and still, after ten days and three trips out here, it still isn't fixed. But which means I've had to stay home most days waiting for them to not show up, and which isn't a good time to do my homework (watch the show). Then on Tuesday, I planned to watch the show again and make my notes, but that's the day my friend chose to take me grocery shopping, and that takes over three hours (warehouse store). Plus having paperwork that had to be filled out online for several agencies, and no matter how much I love the show and blog, deadlines are deadlines.

Plus, worst of all, my cat brought a mouse in the other day and I was unaware of it... until the smell of a dead mouse decomposing overtook the apartment, and made it reallllly hard to sleep, eat or concentrate on anything. Thank goodness the mouse was finally found, hiding behind the leg of the couch, which is why it wasn't seen. Given the chance, the mouse will always find the most difficult place to get to, to die. Under the dresser, behind the extremely heavy pull-out couch that I can't move without help, that's where they go to die. I love my cat, but I wish he didn't bring home so many presents for me! About a week ago, he brought in a mouse that was at death's door, was playing with it, flinging the poor thing around the room, and tossed it straight onto my chest, which made me jump up and fling it off, and scream, not in fear, but what do you do when a dying mouse is flung upon you? You scream.

So as you can see, my world is full of crazy surprises. By the way, does anyone know a good SSI attorney in the Reno, Nevada area? Probably not, but always worth a shot to ask. Even a poor SSI attorney... well, no, I've already had one of those. A good one would be better.

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